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Sage’s mission is to build awareness, empower, and provide tools and resources to clients with Specific Learning Disorders, ADHD, and Intellectual Disabilities, in hopes to ultimately foster confidence and equip individuals to reach their full potential and optimal well-being.



If you suspect you or your child may have a learning or attention challenge, a psychoeducational assessment can identify cognitive abilities, academic strengths and areas of need, social/emotional functioning, and attention/executive functioning.


Sage provides psychoeducational assessments in the following areas:

  • Specific Learning Disorders (learning disabilities)

  • Attentional challenges (e.g., ADHD)

  • Screening for social, emotional, and behavioural disorders

  • Intellectual/Cognitive challenges

  • Giftedness


The assessment includes a written report that outlines the results and provides you with individualized strategies, resources, interventions, accommodations and supports that are available. 

For adults: If you had a childhood assessment/diagnosis and are wanting to pursue post-secondary education, an updated assessment will be necessary in order to obtain supports/accommodations.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment 


What to Expect in the Assessment Process


The assessment process typically involves a similar series of steps. Once connected with Laurissa, she will set up a time to have a brief phone conversation with you to discuss your concerns about you or your child. The phone consultation typically takes approximately 15 minutes and helps Laurissa determine if a psychoeducational assessment is indeed a good option in your journey. If it is agreed that obtaining an assessment is the right fit, the formal assessment will be booked. For children, the assessment is typically booked over two half days while teens and adults are booked for one full day. During the assessment, Laurissa will guide you through a series of tasks and activities designed to measure different aspects of yourself.


After the assessment is complete, Laurissa will need time to interpret the results and compile it into a written report. Once she is complete, she will contact you to book the debrief appointment. At the debrief appointment, she will review your report and outline her findings and recommendations. Any questions you have, she will be happy to do her best to answer them. Once you obtain your report, it is yours to do with whatever you choose- potentially sharing it with the school or post-secondary institution, physician or health care provider, or any other member of your support network.

Laurissa Psychology Saskatoon


Laurissa Letendre, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

(APE) #932 

Laurissa Letendre graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with an M.Ed. in School & Counselling Psychology in 2013. She has Authorized Practice Endorsement (APE), which means that she has been approved by the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists to make diagnoses. She provides assessment and diagnostic services to children (8 years and older), teens, and adults for neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, specific learning disorders/ learning disabilities, cognitive/intellectual disabilities) and screens for mental health challenges, such as anxiety. She values providing a strength-based approach to assessments. 

Laurissa has a separate certification as a Board Certified Clinician in Neurofeedback (BCN); however, she is not currently practicing in the neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) field. 



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